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The Omnipresence of God

Omnipresence means that God is present everywhere at one time.  He is “all present” in terms of His nearness to everyone and everything.  God isn’t simply everywhere in general terms like, for example, the way a substance is spread throughout an area by diffusion.  In the same manner as we discussed when we looked at […]

The Grace of God

Tozer follows up his discussion on mercy by turning his attention to another attribute that stems out of God’s goodness which confronts human guilt: grace. We know that apart from His grace and mercy, we would be fully exposed to His justice. Since God, in a way that can only be Him, is full of […]

The Mercy of God

It is not an uncommon criticism of the Bible to say that God was one way in the Old Testament and another way in the New Testament. He is accused of being harsh and vengeful in the Old Testament while being more gracious and merciful in the New Testament. In his studies on the attributes […]

God’s Justice

When we study the characteristics or attributes of something, we want to see what makes up the inherent qualities rather than just the external characteristics. This is why Tozer has been titling each section as “God’s (something),” and not the “(something) of God.”  We aren’t looking at God’s kind of anything when we describe His […]

The Goodness of God

The foundation has been laid in his previous chapters to establish that whatever God is, He is all of it. In the chapter on Infinitude, God was described as being the perfect and complete expression of the qualities He possesses. If He is loving, then there isn’t a part of Him that is not love. […]

The Immensity of God

The key thought Tozer draws from in dealing with the Immensity of God is that God is outside of Creation.  He writes, “Remember that God is outside of all things and inside all things and around all things.  Remember that our God made it.”  When contemplating God, we tend to consider His existence within all […]

God’s Infinitude

There are things we do and experiences we have that when first have them seem too big to overcome. Whether it is looking up at the shear face of a mountain cliff, the prospect of a full marathon, studying for an advanced degree, building a tree house, quilting a blanket or unwrapping the next big […]

A Journey Into the Heart of God

I once heard a pastor of a healthy and growing church say, “God hasn’t called me to be original, just effective.” Though the church was close to 3000 in regular weekly worship and ministry participation, he had none of the typical trademarks you might find of a pastor looking to expand his ministry. He had […]