The Grace of God

Tozer follows up his discussion on mercy by turning his attention to another attribute that stems out of God’s goodness which confronts human guilt: grace. We know that apart from His grace and mercy, we would be fully exposed to His justice. Since God, in a way that can only be Him, is full of both grace and justice, we are extended a sort of “common grace” as a society or we would have been wiped out before humanity really got going. Grace is a thriving and demonstrated aspect of God’s nature since the beginning, as Adam and Eve sinned against God and brought death to His creation. If not for the grace of God, we wouldn’t have made it past the third chapter of Genesis. Grace did not come only when Christ appeared, grace has always been who God is and how He has related to His people.

Grace, writes Tozer, is how God confronts our human demerit. He tells us that not only is each person without personal merit, as in that we cannot contribute to our forgiveness because we lack anything valuable to offer, but that we are actually in a deficit and continue to detract from our spiritual bankruptcy! As a result, we require a blessing that does not rely on our worth or worthiness, we require a blessing of grace. Tozer writes, “Grace is that in God which brings into favor one justly in disfavor.” In light of this, Tozer gives us two truths which are core to our Christian salvation. First, no one ever has been saved, no one is now being saved, and no one will ever be saved except by grace. This encompasses all of eternity from Adam through to the last person to receive Him before He returns. Secondly, Tozer writes, that grace has always and only come by Jesus Christ. Grace didn’t originate in Christ’s incarnation, but rather how it was revealed. He “already had eternity planned – the plan of grace, ‘the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world’” (Rev 13:8).

Within our reading today, Tozer makes a great point about the infinitude of God’s grace; He measures His grace against our sin. As sin abounds, writes Paul in Romans, grace abounds all the more. Sin can never out run the grace of God since God’s grace surpasses sin. His grace abounds more than anything in us. “No matter how much sin a man has done,” writes Tozer, “literally and truly grace abounds unto that man.” Grace should not be considered a sentimental aspect of God, as though He is harsh and demanding, but there is just something about humans that He has a soft spot for. No, grace is in full force because grace is fully at work in God always. And for all who call on the Lord, grace will be extended through the work of Christ on the cross. Grace was released at the cross and God’s grace is enough for us in our time of need. The grace of God flows freely for all and it is all the grace you will ever need.

“For us who stand under the disapproval of God, who by sin lie under sentence of God’s eternal,             everlasting displeasure and banishment, grace is an   incomprehensibly immense and overwhelming plentitude of kindness and goodness.” Tozer

Next time we will see God’s Omnipresence.

For Christ Alone…

Nigel Unrau, Lead Pastor